tattoos from this week

pin up by Big5
flying toaster… by Big5
panther head by Nick
pizza face by Big5
peacock outline just the beginning by Big5
mom portrait. this one was cool it was a picture of her mom, riding on the roof of a car in a military parade. by Big5

Fresh Fiends

BIG5 tattoo’d the homegirl glossy the other day for her grandmother. this is taken from
The lovely Glossy from The Boobs recently received thee RADDEST tribute tattoo in the history of rad tribute tattoos; paying homage to her grandmother. The “Remembrance” ink on my forearm is dedicated to my own granny, so when I saw this I was really touched. Besides the actual work being immaculate, the meaning behind it is simply beautiful. From Glossy:
My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago, and after having a double mastectomy, the cancer has since spread through her entire body, and she is now in her final stages. I wanted to get a tattoo for her but Obviously since she’s still alive and with us I couldn’t get an “R.I.P Grandma” hahaha but I wanted to get something that was cute and that really represented her.
If you read my blog, you know how much I love nails and nail art. My grandmother is the QUEEN of “nails dids” so I believe perhaps my affection for them stemmed from her. She was always getting her nails done and took me as a little girl to get my very first mani/pedi. My grandmother’s signature color is “tiki punch” she has worn tiki punch for 15+ years now, which is why I felt that getting the nail polish bottle that read tiki punch was only fitting.
Everyone in our family who has seen the tattoo immediately knew it was for our grandmother and they all loved it. This is by far my most significant tattoo, it will be a constant reminder to me of just how sassy, stylish, and beautiful of a woman that she still is and will always be .
*the tattoo was done by my friend Big 5 at Union Electric Tattoo

new black and grey by BIG5

in the past i’ve stayed away from realistic tattooing but lately i been getting into it. here’s a couple new ones i did this week.
This is a portrait of the homies mom. The two silloetes are him and his brother, notice she’s watching over them in their walk threw life.
Here’s a tattoo of a bear, on the homie bear. fitting!

Cover up tattoo by Jim

Covered up this old crab tattoo with an Asian Peony flower. Lately Jim has been reworking / fixing or covering peoples tattoos. It’s not something that we usually post or take photos of. A lot of work and thought goes into covering a tattoo so I figured I would post some of the recent ones.

Asian Peony tattoo by Jim Sylvia

traditional asian peony flower cover up tattoo