Big5’s SF trip.

just came back from the bay. I was tattooing at Ocean Ave Tattoo, and hanging out with my BA boys. Got to tattoo some great people (Nick and his lady, Quecke, my cuz Rob, and a few more!) and work around some of the best in the Bay like Salem . I’ll be back very soon. Here’s some pics enjoy!

REV IT UP! a benefit for “Hureo”

Come support and give to a worthy cause! The homeboy Art is in a wheel chair and has a sick ride but needs your help to drive it himself! This is gonna be a sick show and all proceeds go to modify his car for him to drive! peep the flyer and we’ll see u there!

Lyrics Born (what we’re listening to)

Lyrics Born’s rhymes showcase a large vocabulary, and often complex rhythmic patterns, deployed via regular use of various rhyming techniques, such as alliteration, phonemes, internal rhyme, and double entendres. He style also frequently blends such techniques with melody, for which he has coined the term “Em-singing”. His style is influenced by groups and artists such as James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Syl Johnson, KRS-One, John Hendricks, Rakim, Kool G. Rap, The Sugarhill Gang and Ice Cube is often conversational, observant, and melodious. His signature, sandy baritone speaking/rapping voice and “Bay Area drawl” has drawn comparisons to Barry White, Tone-Loc, and Tom Waits. Songs such as “Before and After” explore the subtleties of day-to-day human relations while “The Last Trumpet” (with Lateef) features a very politically charged and globally conscious mindset.

BIG5 in San Francisco “ocean ave tattoo”

So this weekend I’ll be working with the amazing crew at Ocean Ave Tattoo! So if you’re in or near san francisco and want to get tattoo’d, friday 10th or sat 11th, by me, call the shop 310.522.5003 or call “ocean ave” and talk to salem @ (415) 585-2600 the shop is located at 1907 Ocean Avenue (between Ashton Ave & Keystone Way) San Francisco, CA 94127 hopefully I’ll see you there!

UET’s newest addition “Browny”

Starting this thursday Browny is joining the nukl heds here at Union Electric Tattoo! so come by next week and say whats up. here is a peak at some of his amazing tattoo work and some of his paintings. Enjoy! If you wanna make an appointment with him give him a call here 310.522.5003

Who is SOZAY? Blue cafe LBC

Last night we went to see my homies SOZAY, GETL1, 91 KREW, AND 91 KREW get down at the blue cafe in LBC. The club was standing room only! If you missed it then here are a few pics.