DIAR rocking a model train!

Benny, also known in the graffiti world as Diar has been an artist his whole life. He started writing graffiti at the age of 11, and was an active writer until February 2008, when a bad car accident left him paralyzed from the neck down.

Medical problems from the accident almost killed him 10 times in the weeks following the accident. He’s very thankful to still be alive and has been working very hard to regain as much of his independence as possible. Throughout his recovery, he has remained dedicated to art, exploring other mediums. he has started to use acrylics and he paints using his mouth to control the brush.

Because he did not have medical insurance at the time of his injury, he qualified and is now on Medi-Cal. “I am thankful for the coverage I have but it only covers the basics and not even that sometimes. The therapy and other support I receive now has been made possible because of the donations from others. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed directly, donated or purchased art at a benefit, as well as those who have donated their facilities or time to help make the benefits happen. It is deeply appreciated.”
Benny DIAR

If you’d like to donate to to help out with his expenses or contact him, peep him out here! http://bennydiar.com/